Sintering furnaces

Pressing in molds of iron metal powders performs the construction of complex mechanical elements: this is the Sinterizing heat treatment. Such powders are previously mixed with other components such as graphite, copper, chromium, nickel etc.., and when the sintering occurs, together they form an alloy.

  • Items to be treated

A similar production regards other minutiae such as bushings, diamond pearls for cutting marble, granite, concrete, and so on…, made of powder with other metallic materials.

  • Continuous sintering furnaces

The most used sintering furnaces are continuous type, with a controlled atmosphere. They provide, in a basic version: a pre-chamber for binders elimination, a high temperature zone and a cooling zone.

Self-hardening powders allow single continuous furnace with other possible zones, such as the carbon restoration area, the rapid cooling zone in forced convection, the final tempering area.

  • Continuous or pit furnaces for controlled oxidation

Some items require a full waterproofing or sealing. It is obtained by oxidation treatment with steam in pit or continuous furnaces.

sintering furnace