Solution annealing furnaces

The solution annealing furnaces have a huge range of customization. Their design is strictly linked to the items to be treated.

  • Products to be treated

bright annealing furnae for tubes

Fittings, tubes, sinks, turbine blades etc. are products usually solubilized in continuous or “batch” furnaces.

Pieces of smaller dimension require treatments in a controlled atmosphere of nitrogen-hydrogen to prevent oxidation, while pieces of bigger size and weight are treated on air, often moved by automatic interlocked loaders or similar.

  • Conveyor belt annealing furnaces

Solution annealing furnaces reach high temperatures. Therefore, materials used in construction of belts, rollers etc. are particularly valuable.

  • Conveyor rollers annealing furnaces

Some items can be treated in metallic or ceramic roller conveyor furnaces. Furnaces with ceramic rollers conveyor provide higher temperatures and save of energy during their operation. Ask for more information.

bright annealing furnace for tubes
Resistors annealing furnace

Annealing of armed-heating elements in industrial furnaces

Furnaces for heating elements produce solubilization of protective screen, in order to allow the bending of elements. However, in addition to containing different parts, they have also the function to seal the internal resistive spirals by hardening the insulating oxide, which surrounds them.

  • Batch solution annealing furnaces

Some productions require heat treatments furnaces without conveyor system during treating phases.