Several heat treatments, different furnaces

Seen the various treatment types, it is necessary the execution of several types of furnaces or complex production lines. Configurations are available with conveyor belt, rollers, push type furnaces. Treatments may include surface modification of metal parts (carburizing, nitriding) or reach their core (hardening).

  • Shut-down fluids in heat treatment furnaces

Shut-down or cooling fluids are also different, depending on materials and their hardenability such as water, water added to polymers, oils with different characteristics, molten salts, cooling gases.

  • Protective atmosphere in heat treatment furnaces

Some treatments require an accurate control of the protective atmosphere trough measurement and adjustment of gaseous components. For this purpose, gas analyzers with infrared, paramagnetic cells etc… are required.

  • Auxiliary equipment for heat treatment furnaces

Heat treatment furnaces often go together with auxiliary equipment, such as loaders with electronic production weighing, oil extraction equipment, burnishing tanks etc. to complete the product.

Write us your necessity and we will create for you the right heat treatment furnace for:

hardening plant

  • hardening
  • tempering
  • nitro-carburizing
  • carbo-nitriding
  • gas nitriding
  • solution hardening of aluminium
  • aluminum ageing