High attention from SABE Forni to answer to companies in renewing or restoring existing systems for heat treatments furnaces, in order to emprove their efficiency or adequate them to new exigencies.

A direct and quick technical support is a focus point in SABE Forni activity.

Services list:

We improve efficiency and productivity of our customer’s plants.

Restoration of disused plants or low productivity systems, through a revision focused on structures. Renovations both in mechanics and electrical aspects.

Solution anealling furnaces.

Experience and knowledge in revamping refractory areas, also on specific drawing.

SABE Forni maintains a light, reliable and quick structure, to solve customer’s difficulties with direct intervention of our qualified staff.


Renewal of existing plants in compliance with safety norms.

360° consulting and production on-demand:

  • Continuous furnaces in a controlled atmosphere for brazing carbon steel, copper, bronze, brass components
  • Furnaces for brazing aluminum alloys
  • Continuous sintering furnaces for parts produced by the pressing of metal powder
  • Continuous or pit furnaces for controlled oxidation
  • Continuous furnaces in controlled atmosphere for hardening, tempering, carburizing, carbo-nitriting of small metal parts.
  • Furnaces for hardening and aging aluminum alloys
  • Solution annealing furnaces with conveyor belt, metal rollers, ceramic rollers.
    “Batch” solution annealing furnaces
  • Furnaces for annealing armed-heating elements with metal screen
  • Furnaces with front loading openings
  • Extractable sole furnaces
  • Endothermic gas generators
  • Exothermic gas generators
  • Ammonia cracker
  • Cracked ammonia dryer

See plants section.