trattamento termico alluminio
forno trattamento alluminio
trattamento alluminio

Some aluminium alloys used in industries can undergo a thermal treatment to enhance the resistance and the hardness of laminated, extruded and molten products.

Our furnaces for the thermal treatment of aluminium alloys work at very high temperature, 500°C, for a long period of time, with the purpose of creating a solution with the various components of the alloy. The tempering process takes place in a high-speed shutdown liquid (usually water or water with the addition of polymers) with the purpose of preserving the solid solution that has been created through the heating process.

The artificial aging of aluminium, due to precipitation, requires a long time, that can be calculated in hours, at lower temperatures 120°-150°. Aging can be also obtained at room temperature, without using the heating process, but in this way a longer time is required.

The tempering process, for an efficient and high-quality thermal treatment of aluminium, often requires high precision in the temperature and in the transfer time from the furnace to the high-speed shutdown liquid (the shortest time possible) according to the thickness of the pieces that have to be treated.

Many types of furnaces, such as continuous, static or chamber furnaces, are used for the tempering process. The choice of the most suitable furnace depends on the dimensions of aluminium pieces that have to undergo the thermal treatment, the thickness and the production quantity.

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