Discover our production for your heat treatment plant:

Sabe Forni designs and manufactures various types of industrial brazing furnaces, which differ in working temperature and in the protective atmosphere used.

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forno per freni

Sabe Forni has developed various types of sintering furnaces, which differ according to the materials treated and, therefore, the scope of application. You can choose from numerous equipment, all strictly in accordance with and

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Multiple possible heat treatments, multiple plants. Sabe Forni offers a variety of industrial furnaces for heat treatments, diversifying its production to better meet the specific needs of different sectors such as: metallurgy, automotive, design, etc

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Sabe Forni offers various types of standard and customized solubilization furnaces for different applications according to the product that has to be treated. You will receive free technical assistance.

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Our wide and diverse range of industrial furnaces derives from a big variety of possible heat treatments and from the different characteristics (dimensions, materials, etc.) of the components that have to be treated.

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forni per nitrurazione

Are you looking for a protective gas generator to install in your company? Sabe Forni has created a line of protective gas generators, which satisfy…

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If you are looking for a new industrial heating furnace for forging, contact the Sabe Forni company: you can choose from solutions for every industrial need, with highly competitive prices.

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forno riscaldo forgia
trattamento termico alluminio

Are you looking for professional furnaces for the heat treatment of aluminium alloys? Rely on the experience and quality of Sabe Forni: discover all the details!

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Our furnaces for pyrolytic stripping eliminate plastic, binders for foundry sand, rubber, plaster and any temperature-sensitive impurities. This specific pyrolytic stripping treatment doesn’t deform the structure of the elements that are treated.

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If you want to install a new industrial furnace for the heat treatment of metals in your company, contact Sabe Forni. We have specialized in the design and production of equipment and plants for different sectors: metallurgy, automotive, furniture, heavy carpentry, etc.

Thanks to our extensive and proven experience in this field, we offer a wide variety of solutions characterized by high efficiency and performance: from static industrial furnaces to continuous industrial furnaces, and also customized plants for any type of application.

If you need a metallurgical furnace for the heat treatment of metals with protective atmosphere or if you prefer a customized industrial furnace, you can contact our technical staff that will help you choose the best solution that satisfies your needs and request our free technical assistance.

Sabe Forni has all the necessary skills to produce complete and innovative plants, but also the specific equipment for the treatment of metals, selecting the best option in terms of efficiency and cost savings time after time.

Our production ranges from metallurgical brazing furnaces to sintering, hardening, tempering and nitriding furnaces. According to your activities, you can choose a static or a continuous furnace characterized by the best quality and safety standards.

Call us or send an email to to learn more about our typologies of industrial furnaces for the heat treatment of metals and receive a free estimate for your new plant!