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Sabe Forni has developed various types of sintering furnaces, which differ according to the materials treated and, therefore, the scope of application. You can choose from numerous equipment, all strictly in accordance with and in line with the best national and international standards in terms of safety.

Sintering ovens are commonly used for the construction of complex mechanical parts, by pressing iron powders mixed with other components in special molds.

Items to be treated

A similar production regards other minutiae such as bushings, diamond pearls for cutting marble, granite, concrete, and so on…, made of powder with other metallic materials.

Continuous sintering furnaces

The most used sintering furnaces are continuous type, with a controlled atmosphere. They provide, in a basic version: a pre-chamber for binders elimination, a high temperature zone and a cooling zone.

Self-hardening powders allow single continuous furnace with other possible zones, such as the carbon restoration area, the rapid cooling zone in forced convection, the final tempering area.

Sintering furnace for high-speed train brakes

With experts in the railway and rolling stock sector we have developed special sintering furnaces high-speed trains brakes such as the famous Trenitalia Frecciarossa. The brakes for high-speed trains are subjected to extreme stresses: for this reason, we have realized special sintering furnaces.

Sintering furnace for cutting beads for stone industry

Stone cutting is carried out in different sectors and types as during extraction operations, therefore, cutting equipment is required in the quarry, and then, for all subsequent processings. Sabe Forni manufactures and produces sintering ovens specifically conceived and designed for the production of cutting beads that are applied to wire saws, the tool par excellence for cutting different types of stone.

Continuous or pit furnaces for controlled oxidation

Our production line includes also continuous or pit furnaces, for controlled steam oxidation of components that require complete waterproofing, and customized plants for other needs.

Thermal sintering furnaces

Thermal sintering is a process normally performed in continuous furnaces with belt or roller conveyor and also thrust conveyor and other conveyor systems depending on the required sintering temperature. Sabe Forni manufactures specific furnaces for thermal sintering for all customer’s needs: unique solutions for each project to satisfy any production requirement.

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