forno resistenze corazzate

Brazing furnaces for armoured resistors are extremely important to produce many components that will be installed in a wide range of finished goods: they must be highly resistant to temperature and very durable, characteristics that can be obtained only through high-quality production processes performed with cutting-edge tools.

There are innumerable application fields, for example, the brazing process of the top part of armoured resistors on connection flanges or rings in electric water heaters, the connection between the resistors for water heating on the bottom part of teapots, the brazing process of aluminium armoured resistors on stainless-steel tubes for water heating inside washing machines.

Inside brazing furnaces for armoured resistors, weld metals can be made of copper, aluminium alloy with a low melting point and, in case of food applications, nickel alloy. The most common protective atmospheres are made of nitrogen and a combination of nitrogen and hydrogen in different percentages according to the materials that have to be brazed.

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